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Compiling a UBUNTU Jaunty Jackalope Kernel

Posted on: May 15, 2009

current Kernel version: 2.6.28-11

In /usr/src get the source and build tools by typing:

sudo apt-get install linux-source kernel-package fakeroot ncurses-dev

Unpack the source by typing:

sudo bzip2 -d linux-source-2.6.28.tar.bz2
sudo tar xvf linux-source-2.6.28.tar

Make a sym link to the linux source code by typing:

ln -s linux-source-2.6.28 linux

Enter the source directory:

cd linux

Then we are going to make a clean package using the current configuration of the current kernel since it already figured everything out for you.

sudo make-kpkg clean
sudo cp /boot/config-`uname -r` ./.config

Make any changes you want to the kernel here:

sudo make menuconfig

sudo fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-lml kernel_image kernel_headers
[NOTE]:–append-to-version” will append a string to the version number; here I am using my initials “lml”. You’re going to want to do this to distinguish your kernel builds apart.

This will give us the header and image output in /usr/src. Issuing these commands will install your new custom kernel:

sudo dpkg -i linux-image-
sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-

As you can see my initials “lml” have been appended in two places.

This also installs the new kernel to grub so next time you boot you will be able to select it.

To edit the grub options:

sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst


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Just Perfect! Easy and quick way to customise your Kernel.

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